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Our Services

We provide total solutions with software that adapts itself to the characteristics of each customer. We start with an assessment of customer needs.
Our proposals include elements requiring the solution and provide after sales service

What is RFID?

Technology identification of objects using radio frequency waves

Variety of standers and frequencies for any application

Not require line of sight

How it works

The information contained in the TAG (transponder) is read each time the scanner emits an electromagnetic signal and while the tag is within range of the reader.

About Us

SIRFID is the result of a partnership between several companies with different specialties but with a common goal to be the leader in implementing technology solutions based on RF-ID. Each company brings several years of experience and a history of projects and relationships with customers position us in a privileged position in the emerging market of RF-ID technology in Mexico.

We are representatives and distributors of Avery Dennison, a global leader in label printing



  • Printer

    RFID printers give you total visibility, allowing you to identify, track, manage and optimize assets. From the first link in your supply chain to the last, our RFID printers have the flexibility to meet different business needs, including new applications.

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    RFID Reader

    An RFID reader’s function is to interrogate RFID tags. The means of interrogation is wireless and because the distance is relatively short; line of sight between the reader and tags is not necessary.

  • Handheld

    The handhelds realizan read function with excellent high-speed performance for any inventory is extremely fast in both cases are labeled products on a pallet, ware house shelves or moving vehicles within business processes where it requires a optimum performance in a mobile environment.

  • RFID Portal

    With an RFID gate equipped with an array of antennas and readers the information contained in the RFID tags on any moving equipment such as fork lifts or pallets containing products to control, the software records any transaction instantly inputs or outputs is collected goods.


This video describes one of our specialties: Control of clothing


Companies generally incur excessive operating costs in the amount of resources invested control products, delays in the receipt and distribution of goods, as well as decrease in assets losses and very harmful ant theft.

As the sales process perhaps the most important occasions of any company in a long time and effort to establish controls and monitoring mechanisms that do not always give the desired result is reversed.

Also common is the need to reconcile the accounting numbers with the physical inventory or customer orders by unavoidable human error and process.




Tags or chips (are the elements that identify each item individually)


Systems and programs designed to support the management of large volumes of information online, in real time, reliable, efficient and safe


Mobile computers, wireless networks, telecommunications equipment, etc..

Readers and antennas

Read the information on each label and sent to software for processing the application and database user.

Readers and antennas
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